John Libbey Eurotext

Environnement, Risques & Santé


An approach to evaluating the emerging effects of drug residues in water Volume 5, issue 4, Juillet-Août 2006

Département Environnement et santé publique, Faculté de médecine de Nancy, Université H. Poincaré, 9, avenue de la Forêt de Haye, 54505 Vandoeuvre-les-Nancy

The residues from drugs and personal care products in wastewater and in the environment will soon include those derived from nanotechnology applications. These new products are designed to increase the solubility of low-soluble molecules, to extend drug residence time or transport the active molecule to its target. It is already quite difficult to assess the environmental effects of classic drugs; risk assessments for this kind of nanoproduct — some already used intensively in cosmetology — would be all the more uncertain. Thus a research effort is necessary to learn more about the portion released into the environment, its chemical forms in water, and its possible toxicity to aquatic animal species.