John Libbey Eurotext

Volume 21, issue 6, December 2019

ILAE report

En accès libre Management of epilepsy in pregnancy: a report from the International League Against Epilepsy Task Force on Women and Pregnancy (p.497-517)
Torbjörn Tomson, Dina Battino, Rebecca Bromley, Silvia Kochen, Kimford Meador, Page Pennell, Sanjeev V. Thomas
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Seminars in Epileptology

Article The localizing value of epileptic auras: pitfalls in semiology and involved networks (p.519-28)
Angelo Russo, Anca Adriana Arbune, Lalit Bansal, Ioanna Mindruta, Giuseppe Gobbi, Michael Duchowny

En accès libre The aetiology of psychogenic non-epileptic seizures: risk factors and comorbidities (p.529-47)
Stoyan Popkirov, Ali A. Asadi-Pooya, Roderick Duncan, David Gigineishvili, Coraline Hingray, Andres Miguel Kanner, W. Curt LaFrance Jr., Chrisma Pretorius, Markus Reuber
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Original articles

Article Applicability and contribution of the new ILAE 2017 classification of epileptic seizures and epilepsies (p.549-54)
Mariana Legnani, Andrés Bertinat, Rodrigo Decima, Elisa Demicheli, Juan R. Higgie, Federico Preve, Patricia Braga, Alicia Bogacz, Alejandro Scaramelli

Article Yield and cost-effectiveness of tilt table tests combined with video-EEG (p.555-60)
Hai Chen, Marco Mercader, Mohanad AlGaeed, Mohamad Koubeissi

En accès libre Prolonged EEGs in adult patients with a first unprovoked seizure: a prospective pilot study (p.561-6)
Michelle Shapiro, Gary Foster
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Article Benign Rolandic epilepsy: widespread increases in connectivity in a focal epilepsy syndrome (p.567-78)
Ramya Ghantasala, Gregory L. Holmes

Clinical commentaries

Article Defecation reflex seizures: a case report with long-term VEEG monitoring, neuroimaging and comprehensive epilepsy evaluation (p.579-84)
Renata Pina Rocha, Eugenia Fialho Macedo, Regina Maria França Fernandes, Ursula Thomé, Américo C. Sakamoto, Lauro Wichert-Ana, Ana Paula Andrade Hamad
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Article Benign spasms of infancy: a mimicker of infantile epileptic disorders (p.585-9)
Jamie Ghossein, Daniela Pohl
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Article LGI-1 antibody encephalitis in a seven-year-old girl (p.591-7)
Ali Mir, Ziyad Thani, Shahid Bashir, Hana Ayed, Raidah Albaradie
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Article Ictal asystole with intercurrent cardiopathy: a complex combination leading to delayed diagnosis (p.598-602)
Dènahin Hinnoutondji Toffa, Raluca Pana, Dang Khoa Nguyen
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Article Epilepsia partialis continua and cortical motor control: insights into physiology (p.603-7)
José L. Fernández-Torre, María Martín-García, Ernesto Orozco-Sevilla, David Mato-Mañas, Miguel A. Hernández-Hernández, Enrique Marco de Lucas
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Letters to the editor

En accès libre When the brain hurts the lung: neurogenic pulmonary edema following a first epileptic seizure (p.608-10)
Ourania S. Kotsiou, Garyfallia Perlepe, Irini Gerogianni, Konstantinos I. Gourgoulianis
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En accès libre Commentary on: Indications and expectations for neuropsychological assessment in epilepsy surgery in children and adults Epileptic Disord 2019; 21(3): 221-34 (p.611)
Panayiotis Patrikelis, Giuliana Lucci, Athanasia Alexoudi, Anastasia Verentzioti, Stylianos Gatzonis
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Article Reply (p.612-3)
Sallie Baxendale and the ILAE Neuropsychology Task Force Members


Article List of reviewers for manuscripts published in 2019 (p.614-5)