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Epileptic Disorders

The Educational Journal of the International League Against Epilepsy

Volume 19, issue 2, June 2017

Review article

En accès libre Epilepsy after cerebral infection: review of the literature and the potential for surgery (p.117-36)
Georgia Ramantani, Hans Holthausen

Original articles

En accès libre Myoclonic jerks are commonly associated with absence seizures in early-onset absence epilepsy (p.137-46)
Hala Nasser, Elisa Lopez-Hernandez, Adina Ilea, Neli Le Morvan, Vanina Bellavoine, Catherine Delanoë, Stéphane Auvin
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En accès libre Long-term follow-up of two siblings with adult-onset neuronal ceroid lipofuscinosis, Kufs type A (p.147-51)
Çiğdem Özkara, Ayşegül Gündüz, Tülin Coşkun, Bengi Gül Alpaslan, Burcu Zeydan, Şakir Delil, Mikko Muona, Anna-Elina Lehesjoki, Meral E. Kızıltan

En accès libre Stereotactic bilateral transfrontal minimal radiofrequency thermocoagulation of the amygdalohippocampal complex for bilateral medial temporal lobe epilepsy: a retrospective study of 12 patients (p.152-65)
Quanjun Zhao, Tiejun Shi, Shaojie Cui, Zhaohui Wu, Wei Wang, Yunfeng Jia, Zengmin Tian, Fuli Wang, Feng Yin, Hulin Zhao, Xia Xiao, Haiying Wang, Changlan Cai, Huimin Luo

En accès libre ILAE survey of neuropsychology practice in pediatric epilepsy surgery evaluation (p.166-77)
Madison M. Berl, Mary Lou Smith, Christine Bulteau

En accès libre Educational needs of epileptologists regarding psychiatric comorbidities of the epilepsies: a descriptive quantitative survey (p.178-85)
Marco Mula, Esper Cavalheiro, Alla Guekht, Andres M. Kanner, Hyang Woon Lee, Çiğdem Özkara, Alfredo Thomson, Sarah J. Wilson

En accès libre Adjunctive lacosamide for focal epilepsy: an open-label trial evaluating the impact of flexible titration and dosing on safety and seizure outcomes (p.186-94)
Michel Baulac, Safia Coulbaut, Pamela Doty, Cindy McShea, Marc De Backer, Fabrice Bartolomei, Mihaela Vlaicu

Electroclinical reasoning report

En accès libre Intracranial investigation of a patient with nodular heterotopia and hippocampal sclerosis: dealing with a dual pathology (p.195-201)
Lady Diana Ladino, Chelsea Dash, Adam Wu, Jose Francisco Tellez-Zenteno

Clinical commentaries

En accès libre The semiology of benign focal epilepsy with affective symptoms (p.202-6)
Fábio A. Nascimento, Márcio A. Sotero de Menezes, Cristiane A. Simão, Bruno T. Takeshita, Samanta F. Blattes da Rocha, Pedro A. Kowacs
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En accès libre Focal epilepsy with paroxysmal pain due to somatic injury (p.207-11)
Tao Yu, Chang Liu, Guojun Zhang, Liang Qiao, Duanyu Ni, Yuping Wang, Yongjie Li
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En accès libre Intractable ictal vomiting: a new form of reflex epilepsy? (p.212-6)
Sachin Sureshbabu, Dinesh Nayak, Vikash Aggarwal, Sudhir Peter, Laxmi Khanna, Gaurav Mittal
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En accès libre De novo 8p23.1 deletion in a patient with absence epilepsy (p.217-21)
Nihan Hande Akcakaya, Özlem Yalcin Capan, Herbert Schulz, Thomas Sander, Server Hande Caglayan, Zuhal Yapıcı

En accès libre Benign infantile seizures followed by autistic regression in a boy with 16p11.2 deletion (p.222-5)
Roberta Milone, Angelo Valetto, Veronica Bertini, Federico Sicca

En accès libre Alternating hemiplegia of childhood and a pathogenic variantof ATP1A3: a case report and pathophysiological considerations (p.226-30)
Elena Pavlidis, Peter Uldall, Camilla Gøbel Madsen, Marina Nikanorova, Martin Fabricius, Hans Høgenhaven, Francesco Pisani, Rikke S. Møller, Elena Gardella, Guido Rubboli

Multimedia teaching materials

En accès libre Hemiconvulsion-hemiplegia-epilepsy syndrome in a child with pre-existing cerebral pathology (p.231)
Athi Ponnusamy, Ahsan NV Moosa

En accès libre Focal seizures with left hemibody piloerection related to left hemisphere cavernous angiomas (p.232)
Benjamin P Whatley, Cory Jubenville, David B Clarke, Mark R Sadler