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Epileptic Disorders

The Educational Journal of the International League Against Epilepsy

 couverture ProgressiveMyoclonusA comprehensive book on the current state of knowledge about this group of rare diseases.
Clinicians’ descriptions, studies led by biologists on genetic variations and mutations and the work carried out daily by numerous scientists researching into treatment.

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couverture de Pediatric epilespy surgery The "White guide" of Pediatric Epilepsy Surgery.

A pre-surgical evaluation in children, semiology of epileptic seizure, etiology, palliative surgery and following surgery.

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couverture atlas EEG 2ed A fully apdated and revised 2nd edition of the usefull tool to analize physiological EEG awake and sleep activities in children and adults.

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Impact FactorThe ILAE and the editors of Epileptic Disorders are pleased to announce that the Impact Factor of Epileptic Disorders has increased from 0.9426 to 1.168

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Epilepsia en Latinoamérica: experiencias
Producido por la Unidad de Salud Mental y Uso de Sustancias de la Organización Panamericana de la Salud (OPS), con el apoyo de la Liga Chilena contra la Epilepsia, la Facultad de Ciencias Médicas de la Universidad Nacional Autónoma de Honduras, la Liga Internacional contra la Epilepsia (ILAE) y el Buró Internacional por la Epilepsia (IBE)

Editors: Dévora Kestel, Carlos Acevedo, Marco Tulio Medina, Tomás Mesa, Jorge Rodríguez


Epileptic Disorders

Volume 19, numéro 2, June 2017

Review article

En accès libre Epilepsy after cerebral infection: review of the literature and the potential for surgery
Georgia Ramantani, Hans Holthausen

Original articles

Article Myoclonic jerks are commonly associated with absence seizures in early-onset absence epilepsy
Hala Nasser, Elisa Lopez-Hernandez, Adina Ilea, Neli Le Morvan, Vanina Bellavoine, Catherine Delanoë, Stéphane Auvin
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Article Long-term follow-up of two siblings with adult-onset neuronal ceroid lipofuscinosis, Kufs type A
Çiğdem Özkara, Ayşegül Gündüz, Tülin Coşkun, Bengi Gül Alpaslan, Burcu Zeydan, Şakir Delil, Mikko Muona, Anna-Elina Lehesjoki, Meral E. Kızıltan

Article Stereotactic bilateral transfrontal minimal radiofrequency thermocoagulation of the amygdalohippocampal complex for bilateral medial temporal lobe epilepsy: a retrospective study of 12 patients
Quanjun Zhao, Tiejun Shi, Shaojie Cui, Zhaohui Wu, Wei Wang, Yunfeng Jia, Zengmin Tian, Fuli Wang, Feng Yin, Hulin Zhao, Xia Xiao, Haiying Wang, Changlan Cai, Huimin Luo

Article ILAE survey of neuropsychology practice in pediatric epilepsy surgery evaluation
Madison M. Berl, Mary Lou Smith, Christine Bulteau, and the Task Force for Pediatric Epilepsy Surgery for the ILAE Commissions of Pediatrics, Surgical Therapies

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Focal epilepsy with paroxysmal pain due to somatic injury Epileptic spasms in congenital disorders of glycosylation

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Epileptic Disorders-ILAE 2017 Educational Prize

Hiroko IkedaDr Hiroko Ikeda was awarded the Epileptic Disorders Educational Prize for her paper, Characteristic phasic evolution of convulsive seizure in PCDH19-related epilepsy by Hiroko Ikeda, Katsumi Imai, Hitoshi Ikeda, Hideo Shigematsu, Yukitoshi Takahashi, Yushi Inoue, Norimichi Higurashi, Shinichi Hirose. Epileptic Disord. 2016 Mar;18(1):26-33. Read more...