John Libbey Eurotext

Epileptic belly dancing: a video-polygraphic recording Volume 24, issue 2, April 2022

Figure 1

Ictal EEG on bipolar (A) and physical referential montage (with preauricular A1 and A2 reference) (B). Note the first ictal EEG change (orange line) from the background consisting of rhythmic, sharp activity overlying the left parieto-temporal regions. EMG channels: CHIN1-2= right rectus abdominis; RAT1-2 =left rectus abdominis. Axial (C) and sagittal (D) fluid-attenuated inversion recovery brain MRI showing hyperintense signal changes around the left central gyrus. (E) Coronal T1-weighted brain MRI with gadolinium reveals a ring enhancement pattern of the parietal lesion. Note also the somatotopic representation of the trunk muscles on the motor homunculus.