Epileptic Disorders


Epileptic belly dancing: a video-polygraphic recording Volume 24, issue 2, April 2022

Continuous video-polygraphic EEG/EMG monitoring recorded with the 10-20 international system while the patient was awake with eyes closed. Note the ictal EEG onset (Segment 1) that consists of rhythmic, sharply contoured activity overlying the left parieto-temporal regions; approximately 30 seconds later, rhythmic contractions of the right rectus abdominis muscle appeared (Segment 2 and 3). After 180 seconds, abdominal muscle activity abruptly ends with restoration of the respiratory pattern (Segment 4). EEG channel parameters: low-frequency filter=0.1 Hz, high-frequency filter=70 Hz, notch filter=50 Hz, sensitivity=7/mm, timebase=15 mm/sec. EMG channels: CHIN 1-2= right rectus abdominis; RAT1-2 =left rectus abdominis.

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