European Journal of Dermatology

European Journal of Dermatology

Volume 11, issue 4, July - August 2001


Volume 11, issue 4, July - August 2001


Article Hair and hair diseases: an important issue (p.285)
R. Happle

Articles de la revue

Article Dinosaur’s feather and chicken’s tooth? Tissue engineering of the integument (p.286-92)
C.M. Chuong, L. Hou, P.J. Chen, P. Wu, N. Patel, Y. Chen

Article Steroidogenic enzymes in skin (p.293-5)
S. Andersson

Article Enzymology of the hair follicle (p.296-300)
R. Hoffmann

Article Lessons to be learned from the androgen receptor (p.301-3)
A.O. Brinkmann

Article Androgen responsive genes as they affect hair growth (p.304-8)
M.E. Sawaya, R.W. Keane, U. Blume-Peytavi, D.L. Mullins, B.P. Nusbaum, D. Whiting, D.W. Nicholson

Article Genetic factors predispose to balding and non-balding in men (p.309-14)
M.P. Birch, A.G. Messenger

Article Do androgens influence hair growth by altering the paracrine factors secreted by dermal papilla cells? (p.315-20)
V.A. Randall, N.A. Hibberts, M.J. Thornton, A.E. Merrick, K. Hamada, S. Kato, T.J. Jenner, I. De Oliveira, A.G. Messenger

Article Animal models for male pattern (androgenetic) alopecia (p.321-5)
J.P. Sundberg, L.E. King, C. Bascom

Article Contrast enhanced phototrichogram (CE-PTG): an improved non-invasive technique for measurement of scalp hair dynamics in androgenetic alopecia – validation study with histology after transverse sectioning of scalp biopsies (p.326-31)
D.J.J. Van Neste

Article Advances in the treatment of male androgenetic alopecia. A brief review of finasteride studies (p.332-4)
D.A. Whiting

Article Costimulatory molecules and their ligands as therapeutic targets in autoimmune disease (p.335-42)
M. Zöller

Article Treatment of immune-mediated skin diseases: future perspectives (p.343-7)
T. Luger

Article The molecular basis of hair growth (p.348-52)
M.A.M. van Steensel, M. van Geel, P.M. Steiljen

Article The hair follicle as a target for gene therapy (p.353-6)
S. Gupta, A. Domashenko, G. Cotsarelis

Article Morphology of hair in normal and mutant laboratory mice (p.357-61)
J.P. Sundberg, L.E. King Jr


Article TrichoScan: combining epiluminescence microscopy with digital image analysis for the measurement of hair growth in vivo (p.362-8)
R. Hoffmann

Article Trichoteiromania (p.369-71)
P. Freyschmidt-Paul, R. Hoffmann, R. Happle

Cas clinique

Article Hermansky-Pudlak syndrome (p.372-3)
A. Krisp, R. Hoffman, R. Happle, A. König, P. Freyschmidt-Paul

Votre diagnostic ?

Article Atrichia with papular lesions (p.375-7)
T. Küster, R. Happle, R. Hoffmann, P. Freyschmidt-Paul

Article Hypotrichosis congenita of Marie Unna (p.379-80)
S. Niiyama, P. Freyschmidt-Paul, R. Happle, R. Hoffmann

Article Comèl-Netherton syndrome (p.381-2)
S. Wilke, R. Hoffmann, R. Happle, P. Freyschmidt-Paul

Article Hypotrichosis simplex (p.383-4)
S. Poyanmehr, P. Freyschmidt-Paul, R. Happle, R. Hoffmann

Article Tricho-rhino-phalangeal syndrome type I (p.385-7)
S. Poyanmehr, P. Freyschmidt-Paul, R. Happle, R. Hoffmann

Article Diagnosis: X-linked dominant chondrodysplasia punctata (Conradi-Hünermann-Happle Syndrome) (p.389-91)
A. Krisp, A. Konig, R. Hoffmann, R. Happle