European Journal of Dermatology


Comèl-Netherton syndrome Volume 11, issue 4, July - August 2001

Department of Dermatology, Philipp University, Deutschhausstr. 9, 35033 Marburg, Germany.
  • Page(s) : 381-2
  • Published in: 2001

A two and a half-year-old boy was referred to our department because of recurrent eczematous skin lesions mainly on his limbs. His parents described the first skin changes at the age of six months. His hair was thin from birth, not growing longer than a few centimeters. His family history was unremarkable. On clinical examination we found multiple serpiginous, erythematous scaling lesions on both legs. His limbs were partly covered with erythematosquamous plaques (Fig. 1). The trunk and the arms were only mildly involved. His hair was dry, brittle and lusterless (Fig. 2). Routine laboratory examinations were, apart from a shift to eosinophils (6%) and an elevated IgE level (1,700 IU/l), unremarkable.