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Annales de Biologie Clinique

Annales de Biologie Clinique

Volume 75, issue 4, Juillet-Août 2017


Volume 75, issue 4, Juillet-Août 2017


Article Reform of the outside nomenclature biomedical tests in France: a two year review (p.365)
Katell Peoc’h, Sylvain Lehmann, Marc Delpech

Article Biotin: an emerging analytical interference (p.366-8)
Marie-Liesse Piketty, Jean-Claude Souberbielle

Articles originaux

En accès libre Stability of blood potassium: effects of duration, temperature and transport during 10 hours storage of human whole blood in serum and plasma (p.369-74)
Jacques-Albert Dromigny, Emmanuel Robert
Free Access

Article Clinical pathologists and physician in France: which partnership and which future? (p.375-92)
Lionel Barrand, Xavier Delabranche

Article Search for biomarkers of neurosarcoidosis by proteomic analysis of cerebrospinal fluid (p.393-402)
Ludmia Taibi, Céline Boursier, Gilles Clodic, Gérard Bolbach, Bénédicte Bénéteau-Burnat, Michel Vaubourdolle, Bruno Baudin

Article Comparison of human embryomorphokinetic parameters in sequential or global culture media (p.403-10)
Nadia Kazdar, Florence Brugnon, Cyril Bouche, Guilhem Jouve, Ségolène Veau, Hortense Drapier, Chloé Rousseau, Céline Pimentel, Patricia Viard, Marc-Antoine Belaud-Rotureau, Célia Ravel

Article Troponin elevation in other conditions than acute coronary syndromes (p.411-9)
Wafa Masri, Edouard Le Guillou, Eya Hamdi, Khaldoun Ghazal, Elise Lebigot, Claudine Cosson, Françoise Blonde Cynober, Patrice Therond

En accès libre Clinical value of CA 15-3 for detection of distant metastases in newly diagnosed breast cancer (p.421-9)
Barbara Gonssaud, Vincent Goussot, Alina Berriolo-Riedinger, Emeline Saïtta-Aribau, Charles Coutant, Alexandre Cochet, Pierre Fumoleau, Jean-Marc Riedinger
Free Access

Article Clinical value of CEA for detection of distant metastases in newly diagnosed breast cancer: comparison with CA 15-3 (p.431-41)
Guillaume Maccio, Vincent Goussot, Alina Berriolo-Riedinger, Jean-Marc Riedinger

Biologie au quotidien

Article A new case of IgE multiple myeloma with review of literature (p.442-4)
Guillaume Vignon, Anne Sophie Cognée, François Carrere, Isabelle Masson, Florence Borde, Pierre Frédéric Augereau, Philippe Aucher, Franck Lellouche

Article Myoadenylate deaminase deficiency: a frequent cause of muscle pain A case detected by exercise testing (p.445-9)
Lydie Lim, Maeva Palayer, Antoine Bruneau, Franck Letournel, Cédric Le Maréchal, Gilles Simard, Pascal Reynier, Chadi Homedan, Aleksandra Nadaj-Pakleza

Article A case of EDTA-related in vitro platelet degranulation (p.450-4)
Jérôme Debus, Pierre Lemaire, Vincent Cussac, Marinela Sisiroi, Fabienne Pineau-Vincent

Article Malaria following a blood exposure accident: about a case (p.455-6)
Mouhcine Miloudi, Tarik Adioui, Mohammed Sbaai, Jamal Fatihi

Article A case report of pseudo grey platelet syndrome with citrate-induced pseudothrombocytopenia: those artifacts may interfere in the platelet numeration and lead to critical misdiagnosis (p.457-61)
Agathe Herb, Maxime Maurer, Isabelle Alamome, Pierre-Adrien Bihl, Cosmina Ghiura, Rémy Hurstel

Article Drowsiness and uncommon fever in a child after cannabis ingestion (p.462-5)
Catherine Feliu, Yoann Cazaubon, Aurélie Fouley, Hélène Guillemin, Hervé Millart, Claire Gozalo, Zoubir Djerada

Article Pseudo-Bartter syndrome as the sole manifestation of cystic fibrosis in a child with 711+G>T/IVS8-5T mutation: a new face of an old disease (p.466-73)
Faten Tinsa, Sondes Hadj Fredj, Imen Bel Hadj, Fatma Khalsi, Sonia Abdelhak, Khadija Boussetta, Taieb Messaoud

Lettre à la revue

Article Methanol detection after esmolol infusion in intensive care unit: a case report (p.474-6)
Claudie Lamoureux, Cyril Leven, Mehdi Sakka, Fabienne Le Saos, Véronique Vermeersch, Jean-Luc Carre

Revue des médias

Article Lu pour vous dans… (p.477-9)