Cahiers Santé Médecine Thérapeutique

Cahiers Santé Médecine Thérapeutique

Volume 33, issue 1, janvier-février 2024


Volume 33, issue 1, janvier-février 2024


Article To exist, evolve and meet your expectations, a medical journal needs its readers (p.4-5)
Emmanuel Andrès


Article Medical journals: role, place, issues and challenges for the future (p.6-9)
Emmanuel Andrès

Mise au point

Article Phytotherapy in intestinal transit problems in adults: What is the most common plants used in medicine? (p.10-8)
Bandadi Fatima-Zahra, Lachhab Zineb, Moukafih Badr, El Marrakchi Soufiane, Achour Sanae, El Kartouti Abdeslam

Études originales

Article The Scabies in Children: report of cases and literature review (p.19-23)
Kaoutar Mejjati, Hanane Baybay, Zakia Douhi, Meryem Soughi, Sara Elloudi, Fatima Zahra Mernissi

Article Efficiency of Bevacizumab in the treatment of macular edema secondary to retinal vein occlusion: about 30 cases (p.24-9)
Mohcine El Mhadi, Adel Hajjaji, Aziz El Ouafi

Article Correlation between topographic clinical criteria and result of brain ct scan during the stroke (p.30-7)
Rakotomanana Jenny Larissa, Randrianantoandro Naliniaina Robert, Rabearisoa Haja Parany, Rahoiljaon Harinaivo Jonathan Stéphane, Razafimahefa Julien, Zodaly Noel, Tehindrazanarivelo Alaon Djacoba

Article Side effects and psychotherapy: Status report of a psychiatric hospital (p.38-46)
N. Nchinech, Z. Rossafi, F. Manoudi, S. Achour, A. El Kartouti, Y. Bousliman

Cas cliniques

Article Rituximab during anti-synthetase syndrome: a case report and review of literature (p.47-54)
Derbal Samar, Cherif Yosra, Chebbi Donia, Hentati Olfa, Ben Dahmen Fatma, Abdallah Maya

Article Neurogenic pulmonary edema : an underestimated entity (p.55-7)
Ibrahim Bechri, Amine El Hasnaoui

Article Spinal extramedullary haematopoiesis revealing β-thalassaemia major (p.58-62)
I. Khoussar, N. Oubelkacem, M. Abbassi, O. Kettani, L. Bouguenouch, N. Alami, M. Ouazzani, Z. Khammar, R. Berrady