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Moudjeria, un village mauritanien face à la désertification Volume 4, issue 1, Mars 1993

Département de géographie, Université d’Avignon Faculté des Lettres et Sciences humaines BP 2013 84023 Avignon Cedex, France.
  • Page(s) : 31-6
  • Published in: 1993

Moudjeria, a little town built in colonial times on the western slopes of the Tagant plateau, is a stage on the only track connecting Tagant with the «Route of Hope» (Nouakchott-Néma: 1,060 km - one of the rare macadamed roads in Mauritania). It is also the last village before you reach the plain. Initially a French military outpost, little by little it became the administrative and trade centre of the eastern Tagant. The felling of trees for forts and houses compounded by the current climatic crisis have resulted in deforestation and sanding up around the area. Moudjeria is now hemmed in between the plateau and a creeping erg. During the dry season, the track is almost constantly obstructed by mounds of sand. Small-scale trade, redistribution, its major activity, has suffered considerably. And, up until the building of a school in January 1992, a lack of educational infrastructures hindered progress too. Replanting has not worked. If no efficient measures are taken, the stranglehold will tighten and the Tagant will end up sealed off from the outside world.