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Developing a GIS for following up and quantifying water erosion: the example of the oued Isser watershed Volume 13, issue 3, Septembre 2002


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Centre national des techniques spatiales (CNTS), Laboratoire de géomatique, BP 13, Arzew 31200, Oran, Algérie.
  • Page(s) : 175-9
  • Published in: 2002

The purpose of this study is to integrate all the factors of the Universal Soil-Loss Equation (USLE) as well as the sediment delivery ratio into a GIS in order to carry out and quantify water erosion at a regional scale. The methodology developed and adopted in the Oued Isser watershed consists in estimating the erosional potential and predicting the soil loss as well as the quantity of sediments delivered to the drainage network. This quantification is carried out according to the USLE model and using data from different sources such as the exogenous and the estimated endogenous data recorded. Such a study makes it possible to produce a soil loss map.