Science et changements planétaires / Sécheresse


Le repérage de la sécheresse Volume 1, issue 3, Septembre 1990

Centre INRA de Bordeaux, Laboratoire de Bioclimatologie, Domaine de la Grande-Ferrade, BP 131, 33140 Pont de La Maye, France. Centre INRA d’Avignon. Station de Bioclimatologie, BP 91, 84143 Montfavet Cedex, France.
  • Page(s) : 179-86
  • Published in: 1990

There are many methods available for detecting the start of drought in a crop and the spatial spread of a water deficit. This article starts off by reviewing the means of defining water stress at the field level, whether they deal with the soil’s water reserve, changes in the lower atmosphere, or even the state of plant cover. Then, based upon the network’s meteorological measurements (involving the elaboration of models using water-level equilibria) and satellite data, its transition to the regional level is described. Various teledetection methods are introduced along with the type of satellite in question.