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La sédentarisation des nomades dans le sud tunisien : comportements énergétiques et désertification Volume 7, issue 1, Mars 1996

Orstom, BP 434, 1004 Tunis-El Menzah, Tunisie, Institut des régions arides, 6051 Nahal-Gabès, Tunisie
  • Page(s) : 17-24
  • Published in: 1996

For several decades, the Tunisian State has been implementing a policy of sedentarisation in the south of the country. With former nomads being integrated info the market economy on a massive scale, it has been remarkably successful. Alongside this, however, considerable changes have occurred in the realm of energy: increased consumption of LPG, changes in the sexual division of labour, and in the means of transporting fuel. Pre-desert vegetation has to cope with heavy cropping pressure and there are no natural mechanisms to regulate it. In addition, illicit charcoal production in Nefzaoua has resulted in several Saharian species becoming eradicated, and jeopardises the forestry department’s struggle against desertification