Science et changements planétaires / Sécheresse


La modification scientifique du temps Volume 1, issue 3, Septembre 1990

Directeur Scientifique du GNEFA (Groupement National d’Études des Fléaux Atmosphériques). 24, avenue des Landais, BP 22, 63171 Aubière Cedex, France.
  • Page(s) : 196-205
  • Published in: 1990

For many centuries humanity has tried to modify clouds. But it is only since 1945 that weather modification has developed on a scientific basis. The principle is to act on the microphysics of clouds and to try to break water metastable equilibrium (vapor, liquid, solid) by artificial seeding of condensation and ice nuclei. But the complexity of cloud mecanisms, the natural variability of phenomenon, the absence of reliable cloud models and the difficulty of evaluation do not still allow the proposal of weather modification as an operational tool for increasing precipitation or decreasing hail and tropical cyclones. However the numerous international stakes incite to pursue researches following in the advice of the World Meteorological Organisation.