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Study of the effect of the vegetation management mode on its dynamics in pre-Saharan Tunisia: the case of the national park of Sidi Toui and its surroundings Volume 13, issue 3, Septembre 2002


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Institut des régions arides, 4119 Médenine, Tunisie.
  • Page(s) : 195-203
  • Published in: 2002

This study was carried out at the national park of Sidi Toui, in the extreme South-East of Tunisia, with the aim of monitoring the vegetation dynamics in a protected presaharan area. The plant cover inside the 8-year established park was compared to that of surrounding areas subjected to extensive grazing. This study permitted the quantification of protection effects on the floristic composition, the recovering rate and the pastoral characteristics of different vegetation structures observed both inside and outside the park. The results showed considerable and positive effects of protection on the parameters scored, as measured first outside and then inside the park. On the other hand, the soil surface was severely eroded outside the park due to the high sensibility of the physical environment to desertification following the plant cover degradation.