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Estimating the water requirements of the main crops of Northern Tunisia: An assessment of reference evapotranspiration calculation methods Volume 14, issue 4, OCTOBRE-NOVEMBRE-DÉCEMBRE 2003


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Institut national agronomique de Tunisie, 43, avenue Charles Nicolle, Ariana, Tunisie Institut de l‘olivier, INRAT, 14, rue Hédi Karray, 2080 Ariana, Tunisie

Reference evapotranspiration (ET o) can be calculated using a variety of methods. Choosing one of these depends on the climatic data available. This study covers three Tunisian regions located in the Northern part of the country: Tunis, Béja, and Bizerte. It aims at assessing the best calculation method of ET o according to the climatic data available. Results show that in most cases, the estimations of ET o provided by Hargreaves‐Samani, Christiansen, and Eagleman formulae were close to the values yielded by that of Penman‐Monteith (PM). Based on ET o‐‐ (PM) estimations, water requirements for olive tree, wheat and bean crops were evaluated for each development stage. We observed that rainfall does not generally cover water needs through the mid‐season and maturity stages. Hence the need to make up for water deficiency through irrigation.