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Craniomandibular relations and anti-gravity posture: stabilometric study disclusion wedges Volume 86, issue 2, Juin 2015

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Cephalometric parameters are thought to influence static posture. The present work evaluates the relationships between skeletal class or facial divergency, on one hand, and body posture, on the other hand. ANB and FMA angles were measured from profile cephalograms in twenty healthy adults. From each, stabilograms were recorded, with eyes open or shut, and with or without disclusion splints. Without splints, ANB and FMA proved to correlate with the accuracy of postural control. Adding splints changes the average position of the center of pressure exerted on the ground by the body, the anterior-posterior axis, and this effect is consistent with that of the typology. It also alters the displacement of the center of pressure on the same axis. These effects depend on whether the eyes are open or closed. The data reinforces the notion of the impact of cephalometric parameters and their mechanical changes on the static posture. They invite us to take greater account of postural impact of splints used in orthodontic practice.