John Libbey Eurotext

L'Orthodontie Française


Récidives : mécanismes et traitements Volume 71, issue 1, Janvier 2000


An original analysis by computer has been imagined. Etiological diagnosis in recurrence's cases is based on asymmetry. Different levels were investigated : dental arch, ridge, basal bone and mandibular position. Dental shift, deformed bone, eccentric mandibular and occlusal distortion were found. Each molar is independently moving. Mandibular basal bone is stabilized in the transverse dimension. Mandibular deviation induces compression or stretching in temporo-mandibular articulation. Occlusal interferences involve distortion of cuspal plans. To reach stable objectives, molars require symmetrical position below one millimeter discrepancy molar locking is to be had for the disto-vestibular cusp and ovoid arch. A special anchor apparatus allows to correct every wrong position of each individual molar, in each three-directional space. Mini- positioner or minisplint perfect anterior misalignment. Sometimes, thermical memory archs are required. Ten fundamental rules that regulate occlusal and mandibular stability have been checked after treatment.