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Cervical vertebrae: Mandibular growth dynamism indicators? Volume 83, issue 1, 84e réunion scientifique de la S.F.O.D.F. Orthodontie 3D : repoussez les limites

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A study of mandibular growth maturation was performed on a population of 103 patients during orthodontic treatment (69 girls and 34 boys) from 11 to 16 years, having initially a Class II skeletal discrepancy. The relationship between wrist maturation indices and the cervical vertebrae maturation was studied by Lamparski classification. Significant correlations were found between Björk stages, MP3=, MP3 cap and MP3 U and respectively Lamparski stages as CVS 2, CVS 3-4 and CVS 5-6. This retrospective longitudinal study identified three mandibular variables at three different maturation stages according to Björk classification and to the six stages of Lamparski classification. The relationships between these different maturation stages and a quantitative mandibular response permit to estimate optimal time for our orthodontic therapy. The results indicate a significant increase in mandibular length between CVS 4 and CVS 5, suggesting the persistence of a condylar response to a stimulation therapy after CVS3 or CVS 4 stages (MP3 cap). Mandibular growth seems to continue after MP3 U stage or CVS 5 stage.