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Fondation recherche endométriose: the catalyst for endometriosis research in France Volume 25, issue 2, Avril-Mai-Juin 2023


1 Fondation recherche endométriose, 54 rue de Varenne, 75007 Paris, France
2 Inserm U1018, Centre de recherche en épidémiologie et santé des populations (CESP), Equipe « Exposome et Hérédité » Gustave Roussy, 94805 Villejuif, France
3 Resendo, hopital Saint-Joseph, 185 rue Raymond Losserand. 75674 Paris Cedex 14, France
4 Endomind, 181 Av. Daumesnil, 75012, Paris, France
5 Endodiag, 4 rue Pierre Fontaine, 91000
6 Elia, 7 rue Mariotte, 75017, Paris, France
7 FRM, 54 rue de Varenne, 75007, Paris, France
8 Cheffe du service de gynécologie-obstétrique au centre hospitalier des 4 Villes à Saint Cloud
9 Cheffe du service de gynécologie-obstétrique au CHU de Liège, Citad gynécologie & obstétrique – CHR, Liège, Belgique
10 Groupe de recherche clinique 6 (GRC-6), centre expert en endométriose (C3E), Sorbonne Université
* Tirés à part : V. Desplanches

The Endometriosis Research Foundation (FRE) was created in January 2021 under the aegis of the Foundation for Medical Research with the vision of promoting innovative, multidisciplinary, and collaborative research dedicated to endometriosis. The FRE mission is to accelerate the research on endometriosis. For that purpose, it supports every year innovative Research projects aiming to better understand and treat the pathology and spreads pedagogical contents on the latest scientific advances in the domain.The values of the FRE are innovation mindset and collaboration, independence and integrity. The governance is based on an executive committee that decides on the strategy of the FRE and communicates on its goals and resources. In its scientific mission, it is assisted by an international committee. The FRE wishes to place patients at the heart of the Foundation’s actions and decisions and to promote a participatory research approach. To this end, a Patient and Caregiver Advisory Committee (PCAC) was created in September 2022. The Endometriosis Research Foundation, under the aegis of the MRF, aims to increase its impact in the field of promoting and supporting research, both in terms of funding and in providing expertise to support researchers.