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Médecine et Santé Tropicales

Médecine et Santé Tropicales

Volume 27, issue 1, Janvier-Février-Mars 2017

Volume 27, issue 1, Janvier-Février-Mars 2017


En accès libre Can we continue to support vertical programs for priority diseases without paying attention to the health policies in limited-resource countries? (p.4-5)
Pascal Millet


En accès libre The implementation of public health interventions in Africa: a neglected strategic theme (p.6-9)
V. Ridde, J.-P. Olivier de Sardan

Lu pour vous

En accès libre Le microbiote intestinal : un organe à part entière (p.10)
Jean-Jacques Morand

Sur place

En accès libre Risk factors of cholera transmission in rural areas in Haiti (p.11-5)
P. Gazin, R. Barrais, F. Uwineza


En accès libre Cervical cancer in sub-Saharan Africa: an emerging and preventable disease associated with oncogenic human papillomavirus (p.16-22)
R.S. Mboumba Bouassa, T. Prazuck, T. Lethu, J.F. Meye, L. Bélec


En accès libre Prévalence de la toxocarose (p.23)
P. Bourée

En accès libre Leishmaniose cutanée et pentamidine (p.23-3)
P. Bourée

En accès libre Régression de l’oxyurose (p.24-4)
P. Bourée

En accès libre Dyspepsie et Helicobacter pylori (p.24)
P. Bourée

En accès libre Arthrite après morsure de mouton (p.25-5)
P. Bourée

En accès libre Hydatidose endémique (p.25)
P. Bourée

Quel est votre diagnostic ?

En accès libre Lung nodule in French Guiana in a immunocompetent patient (p.26-8)
N. Barthes, F. Morin, V. Pommier de Santi, S. Briolant


En accès libre Review of poxvirus: emergence of monkeypox (p.29-39)
A. Morand, S. Delaigue, JJ. Morand

Articles originaux

Article Local-regional anesthesia in the management of stingray stings: Experience of the Bouffard medical-surgical hospital in Djibouti (p.40-3)
C. Vanoye, G. Lacroix, E. Le Gonidec, A. Couret, A. Benois, V. Peigne

Article Epidemiological profile of cutaneous leishmaniasis in Morocco, 2004-2013 (p.44-51)
M. Laboudi

Article A rare complication of viper envenomation: cardiac failure. A case report (p.52-5)
K. Chtara, N. Baccouche, O. Turki, K. Regaig, A. Chaari, M. Bahloul, M. Bouaziz

Article Collective poisoning from sea turtle consumption in Mahajanga Madagascar, May 2014 (p.56-61)
N.G. Rasamimanana, Z.Z. Andrianirina, F.M.F. Razafilalaina, L.M.P. Rakotozanany, N.C. Andriamalala, D. Andrianarimanana, D.O. Tiandaza, N.E. Raveloson

Article Brachial circumference as an alternative to body mass index for the detection of in-hospital undernutrition in a referal hospital, Cameroon (p.62-6)
S.A.F. Eloumou Bagnaka, H. Luma Namme, D. Noah Noah, G.B. Nko’Ayissi, N.E. Essomba, J.B. Okon Anassis, A. Malongue, R. Kenfack, C. Tzeuton, A. Mouelle Sone

Article Epidemiological, clinical, and therapeutic features of typhoid intestinal perforation in a rural environment of Burkina Faso (p.67-70)
S. Ouedraogo, E. Ouangre, M. Zida

Article Advantages and disadvantages of using the PRISMA7 to determine the elderly subjects for whom the SMAF is useful forassessing functional status in Bobo-Dioulasso (Burkina Faso) (p.71-6)
A. Berthé, M.A.S Somda, L. Berthé-Sanou1, B. Konaté, H. Hien, E. Bayala, F. Tou, M. Drabo, F. Badini-Kinda, J. Macq

Article Nutritional status of people living with HIV/AIDS in the Ratoma community medical center (Republic of Guinea) (p.77-81)
S. Sidibé, A.S. Magassouba, A. Delamou, F.B. Magaboussa, S.D. Sandouno, K. É. Kra, N. Conte

Article Malaria transmission and the sensitivity of aggressive mosquitoes to insecticides in a poorly urbanized area of the Deido health district in Douala (Cameroon) (p.82-9)
P. Akono Ntonga, C. Tonga, J.A. Mbida Mbida, C. Ndo, P. Awono Ambene, L.G. Lehman, R. Ngaha, O.E. Ngo Hondt, M.F. Peka Nsangou, N. Tedongmo Lopedji

Article Epidemiological aspects of genital ulcers at the STI center of the National Institute of Public Hygiene (Abidjan, Côte d’Ivoire) 2008 to 2010 (p.90-4)
D.Z. Gakoué, I. Tiembré

Article Rapid tests and transfusion safety in Niamey, Niger (p.95-100)
Z. Mayaki, M. Seydou, M. Moutschen, A. Albert, N. Dardenne, D. Sondag, D. Gossens, C. Gérard

Communications courtes

Article Behçet disease in Western Algeria (p.101-4)
M.E.A. Ghembaza, N. Bouabdallah, A. Lounici

Article Rhabdomyolysis during envenomation by Physalia sp envenomation in New Caldonia (p.105-8)
E. Maldonado, C. Maillaud, Y. Barguil, M. Labadie

Article Trichomonas vaginalis among women raped in Antananarivo, 2005-2011 (p.109-10)
M. Andrianarivelo Andry, A. Raherinaivo Anjatiana, C. Razafindrakoto Ainamalala, S. Rasoanandrasana, M. Ravaoarisaina Zakasoa, A. Rasamindrakotroka

Article Risk of daytime transmission of malaria in the French Guiana rain forest (p.111-2)
V. Pommier de Santi, I. Dusfour, E. de Parseval, B. Lespinet, C. Nguyen, P. Gaborit, R. Carinci, G. Hyvert, R. Girod, S. Briolant