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Médecine et Santé Tropicales

Médecine et Santé Tropicales

Volume 29, issue 3, Juillet-Août-Septembre 2019


Volume 29, issue 3, Juillet-Août-Septembre 2019


En accès libre One Health, Only the Future Counts (p.229)
J.P. Boutin
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En accès libre XXVes Actualités du Pharo, Marseille 2-4 octobre 2019One health, vers Une seule Santé ! (p.230-49)

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Quel est votre diagnostic ?

En accès libre Transmissible arthritis in a man from Guinea (p.251-2)
K. Condé, M.S. Garba, K. Sylla
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En accès libre A hyperalgesic ulcer on return from Senegal (p.253-5)
V. Picquendar, A. Valois, M. Garcia, T. Pecoul, F. Janvier, J.J. Morand
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En accès libre Neonatal ophthalmia in Mali (p.256-8)
R.R. Elien Gagnan Yanza-Outou, S. Bakayoko, S. Diallo, A. Sylla, T. Coulibaly, N. Toure, M. Tembely, C.N.R. Diabaté, M.A. Dicko, F. Sylla
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Articles originaux

Article Tibia chronic osteomyelitis complicated by fracture in children: relevance of pedicle flaps in low resources setting (p.259-63)
F. Bourbotte-Salmon, A. Bertani, A. Alvernhe, F. Rongieras, L. Mathieu

Article Childhood brain tumors in Mali (p.264-7)
P. Togo, B. Togo, A.K. Doumbia, F. Traoré, A. Touré, A.A. Diakité, O. Coulibaly, H. Diall, B. Maïga, A. Dembélé, K. Sacko, M.E. Cissé, Y.A. Coulibaly, D. Konaté, D. Kanikomo, C.B. Traoré, M. Sylla

Article Study of prevalence and parasite load of Schistosoma haematobium in schoolchildren in the Rosso region, Mauritania (p.268-72)
C.B. Ould Ahmed Salem, A. Boussery, J. Hafid

Article Maternal determinants of diarrhea in children under five in Lubumbashi, Democratic Republic of the Congo (p.273-8)
M.S. Kabuya, O. Mukuku, J.P. Van Geertruyden, A.M. Mutombo, O.N. Luboya, S.O. Wembonyama, P. Lutumba

Article Good practices for retention in the circuit of prevention of Mother-Child Transmission of HIV in Sub-Saharan Africa: a systematic review of the literature (p.279-86)
K. De Tomasi, C. Mouala

En accès libre Organization of funding for community-based HIV testing in Côte d’Ivoire: potentially counterproductive search for efficiency? (p.287-93)
A.A Assoumou, A. Bekelynck, S. Carillon, B.A. Kouadio, H. Ouantchi, M. Doumbia, J. Larmarange, M. Koné
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Article Prevalence of HIV infection and hepatitis B and factors associated with them among men who had sex with men in Togo in 2017 (p.294-301)
A.J. Sadio, F.A. Gbeasor-Komlanvi, Y.R. Konu, E.K. Sewu, W. Zida-Compaore, M. Salou, B.G. Kariyiare, T.J. Blatome, A.Y. Dagnra, D.K. Ekouevi

Article High prevalence of high-risk human papillomavirus (HPV) infection among sexually active women in Ouagadougou (p.302-5)
C. Salambanga, T.M. Zohoncon, I.M.A. Traoré, R.A. Ouedraogo, W.F. Djigma, C. Ouédraog, J. Simpore

Article Schistosomiasis of the female genital tract: a two-center study (p.306-9)
H.T. Andrianjafitrimo, V.F. Ranaivomanana, T.M. Ravelomampitoniainarivony, L.A. Ramiandrasoa, N.S. Randrianjafisamindrakotroka

Article Evaluation of sexual dysfunctions among women living with a partner in Ouagadougou, Burkina (p.310-6)
B.E. Komboigo, S. Kiemtoré, D.P. Kain, Y. Zamané, X. Kaboré, M. Zoundi, A. Ouédraogo, B. Thiéba

Article Strategies of blood collection in Cote d’Ivoire: impact of mobile collection methods on the production of the National Blood Transfusion Service, 2014-2016 (p.317-21)
Y. Kambé, A. Ouattara, T. Biérou Bodé, J. Hyda, S. Konaté, B. Dembélé

Article Application of the by the activity-based costing (ABC) method in a clinical department: example of the maternity unit of the Tiznit Provincial Hospital Center (p.322-6)
B. Ouakhzan, C. Boukhalfa

Article An integrated assessment of leprosy, Buruli ulcer, and yaws around the irrigated perimeters of Bagré and Kompienga in Burkina Faso (p.327-32)
S. Zeba Lompo, Y. Barogui, J. Compaore, Y. Ouedraogo, C. Kafando, M.C. Kambire-Diarra

Article Tetanus: epidemiology and Factors Associated with Death in the Departement of Tropical and infectious diseases of Donka National Hospital, Guinea (p.333-6)
F.B. Sako, A.O. Sylla, M.O.S. Diallo, A. Touré, F.A. Traoré, T.M. Tounkara, B. Woachie Chamkoue, M. Barry, M. Cissé