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Médecine et Santé Tropicales

Médecine et Santé Tropicales

Volume 28, issue 2, Avril-Mai-Juin 2018


Volume 28, issue 2, Avril-Mai-Juin 2018


En accès libre French strategies and global health (p.117-9)
Jean-Marie Milleliri


En accès libre Situation and perspectives of blood transfusion in Mali (p.120-3)
A. Ba

En direct

En accès libre Diagnostic tools and follow-up of sickle-cell anemia in Central Africa (p.124-7)
R. Kitenge, L. Tshilolo, G. Loko, B. NGasia, G. Wamba, J.-P. Gonzalez

En accès libre Day of Action against Counterfeit Medications in the Congo, Brazzaville, March 22, 2018 (p.128-9)
H. Degui, A. de la Volpilière, Q. Duteil, M. Gentilini


En accès libre Hydatidose musculaire (p.130)
P. Bourée

En accès libre Nombreuses arboviroses (p.130)
P. Bourée

En accès libre Association paracoccidioïdomycose et VIH (p.131-2)
P. Bourée

En accès libre Diarrhée sévère par coinfection Hymenolepis nana et Giardia (p.131)
P. Bourée

En accès libre Typhus murin en ville (p.132)
P. Bourée

Geste sur le terrain

En accès libre Type III open tibia fractures in low-resources setting. Part 1: strategy and principles of limb salvage (p.133-9)
L. Mathieu, A. Grosset, A. Bertani, L. Potier, J.C. Murison, C.D. Niang, S. Rigal

In memoriam

En accès libre Good bye J.E.T. ! (p.140)

Quel est votre diagnostic?

En accès libre Relapsing fever in a Moroccan man (p.141-3)
S. Kahouli, H. Naoui, J. Uwingabiye, A. Reggad, K. Ennibi, M. Bouchrik, B.E. Lmimouni

Le point sur

En accès libre HIV self-testing in Africa: stakes and challenges (p.144-9)
S. Tonen-Wolyec, M. Filali, S. Mboup, L. Bélec

Articles originaux

Article Management of scorpion envenomation at the Faya-Largeau medical post, February-June, 2014 (p.150-3)
F. Dufour-Gaume, J.M. Milleliri

Article Suscepibility of Anopheles gambiae sl and Culex quinquefasciatus to diverse insecticides in the city of N’Djamena (p.154-7)
I. Demba Kodindo, A. Kana-Mbang, T. Moundai, A. Nakebang Fadel, E. Yangalbé-Kalnoné, A. Mahamat Oumar, P. Mallaye, C. Kerah-Hinzoumbé

Article Role of environmental parameters on the density of intermediate host snails of human schistosoma during the year in the commune of Richard-Toll, Senegal (p.158-64)
R.A. Ndione, D. Diop, G. Riveau, C.T. Ba, N. Jouanard

Article Lupus: evidence of environmental degradation? Assessment from 60 patients followed up in the Internal Medicine Department at the Libreville University Hospital, Gabon (p.165-71)
J. Iba Ba, P.L. Andjuma Mindze, I. Nseng Nseng, J.R. Nzenze, J.B. Boguikouma

Article Aspergillus pyothorax: Is surgery alone sufficient? (p.172-5)
I. Issoufou, H. Harmouchi, L. Belliraj, F. Ammor, M. Lakranbi, R. Sani, Y. Ouadnouni, M. Smahi

Article Traditional uvulectomy, a common practice in South Kivu in the Democratic Republic of Congo (p.176-81)
R. Mbusa Kambale, Y. Balibuno, N. Isia Francisca, J. Bwija Kasengi, G. Fatuma Mayele, B. Mungo Masumbuko

Article Prescription of medications for acute diarrhea in infants in Antananarivo, Madagascar (p.182-5)
L. Ravelomanana, R.L. Tsifiregna, L.H. Rakotomalala, C. Razafimahatombo, N. Ravelomanana

Article Screening and management of HIV infection in pregnant women in Dakar (p.186-92)
C.A.T. Cissé, M.A. Inzale, N.F. Wade, M.M. Niang, D. Diallo, N. Ndiaye Seye

Article Hepatobiliary diseases in people with HIV infection at the Lome, Togo, University Hospital: epidemiologic and diagnostic aspects (p.193-6)
O. Bouglouga, A. Bagny, L.M. Lawson-Ananissoh, R. El- Hadji Yakoubou, L. Kaaga, M.A. Djibril, D. Redah

Article Treatment of chronic inflammatory rheumatism by biotherapy in Gabon : eligibility and follow-up of the first 8 patients in sub-Saharan Africa (p.197-200)
L. Missounga, J. Iba Ba, I.R. Nseng Nseng Ondo, M.I.C. Nziengui Madjinou, D. Mwenpindi Malekou, E.G. Mouendou Mouloungui, J.B. Boguikouma

Article Epidemiological transition in Morocco (1960-2015) (p.201-5)
S. Chadli, N. Taqarort, B. El Houate, S. Oulkheir

Article Extensive septic myonecrosis related to compartment syndrome: is the upper extremity salvage achievable in precarious setting? (p.206-11)
P. Girard, I. Hassan-Farah, C.S. Bich, C. Charpail, S. Rigal, L. Mathieu

Article Factors associated with the abandonment of postexposure prophylaxis at the antirabies center in Abidjan, Côte d’Ivoire (p.212-8)
B.Y.G. Zamina, I. Tiembré, H. Attoh-Touré, K.E. N’Guessan, S.M. Tetchi, B.V.J. Benié

Communication courte

Article Cutaneous parasitosis in dermatology in Lomé: series of 1217 cases (p.219-20)
J.N. Teclessou, K. Kombaté, A.S. Akakpo, C.P. Neh, B. Saka, A. Mouhari-Toure, P. Pitché

Article Neuromyelitis optica in Sub-Saharan Africa: the first case report from Togo (p.221-3)
K. Apetse, K. Assogba, J.E. Diatewa, J.J. Dongmo Tajeuna, N. Maneh, F.M. Tassa Kayem, D. Kombate, K.A. Balogou