Médecine et chirurgie du pied


Temporary bridge plating of the hindfoot in severe injuries Volume 22, issue 4, Décembre 2006


Severe injuries to the hindfoot are common injuries with many precipitating factors. Comminution and significant soft tissue trauma are common with the presentation of these injuries. Accurate diagnosis and initiation of prompt treatment can significantly reduce the risk of further damage to the injured extremity. However, life threatening injuries and the condition of the soft tissues often dictate the timing and the manner in which these injuries are treated. Recommended treatment options vary based on the severity of the injury, soft tissue status, comminution, and other associated injuries. Surgical options include Kirschner wire fixation, screws, plates, external fixators, and amputation. The purpose of this study is to discuss temporary bridge plating and interfragmentary screw fixation for these injuries. We describe the treatment of three patients with comminuted closed fractures of the hindfoot. Two patients sustained talar neck fractures and one patient sustained a cuboid fracture. All three fractures were fixed with interfragmentary screws and temporary bridge plating with good outcomes.