Médecine et chirurgie du pied


A rare case of glomus tumor of the hallux. Review of the literature Volume 29, issue 2, Juin 2013


The Masson glomus tumour is a benign neuromyoarterial growth. Such tumours are rare and are most commonly described in the hand, however there are very rare cases of them in the foot. Tumours are characterised by a triad of clinical symptoms involving pain, tenderness and hypersensitivity. Diagnosis is often late. Although they are benign tumours, an early diagnosis is better as they can have an effect on quality of life. Diagnosis is made based on the clinical presentation, with an MRI scan being an additional optional investigation. These tumours do not respond to classic analgesics, therefore treatment involves their surgical excision. Histological analysis is used to confirm diagnosis. Reoccurrence is rare, but may occur; the patient should therefore be informed of this possibility.