Médecine et chirurgie du pied


The Shoe — From Ancient Times to the Modern Day. Its History and Anecdotes Volume 32, issue 1, Mars 2016


* Cet article a été présenté lors du congrès de la Société française de rhumatologie à Paris le 15 décembre 2015.

The shoe since its inception, approximately 14,000 years, has always excited the imagination of artists. The field of study is particularly wide in space and in time. After flying prehistoric shoes, those of Egyptian, Etruscan, Greek, and Roman, we will follow the evolution of the shoe in France from the Middle Ages to the present. We will see the importance of discoveries, sometimes accidental, such as tanning, as well as the development of shoemaking. The shoe is often a reflection of the economic situation of a country. Wars have had a considerable influence on the manufacture of shoes. Industrialization has marked the growth of plants. During these periods of our history, even the darkest, “artists” of the shoe were found, but their creations have long been reserved for an elite.