Médecine et chirurgie du pied


Relevance of musculoskeletal sonography in the early diagnosis of metatarsal stress fractures Volume 23, issue 2, Août 2007


Présenté au congrés de la SFMCP/SFMA à Paris en décembre 2006.

Stress fractures are bone lesions occurring without trauma or focal bone defects. Early diagnosis is currently based on bone scintigraphy or MRI, but these techniques are expensive and not widely accessible. We report three cases of metatarsal stress fracture diagnosed by sonography and confirmed by MRI. Easily accessible and inexpensive, sonography appears to be an excellent method of early diagnosis of metatarsal stress fractures, complementing clinical examination and standard radiography. A prospective study of this promising method against the gold standard diagnosis is needed to test its sensitivity and specificity.