Médecine et chirurgie du pied


Footwear for the rheumatoid foot and ankle Volume 21, issue 1, Avril 2005


In rheumatoid arthritis (RA) the aim of footwear prescription and the principal concepts relating to footwear and plantar orthoses are mentioned. The role of plantar orthoses, their materials and composition but also systematic history taking and assessment of the rheumatoid foot, before designing shoes and orthoses, are evoked. The indications of plantar orthoses and footwear are described: in early RA when there is no foot and ankle involvement, when there is metatarsalgia in an inflammatory forefoot without metatarsophalangeal joint erosion on x-ray, when there is metatarso-phalangeal joint erosion. Similarly clinical midhindfoot involvement is considered, when there are subtalar and talo-crural lesions and when the foot deformities are fixed. It is emphasized that the management of the treatment involves a care-team approach.