Médecine et chirurgie du pied


Adductor or abductor hallucis muscle? Volume 23, issue 2, Août 2007


The muscle medial to the plantar region that moves from the calcaneal tuberosity on the basal phalanx of the big toe is defined as an adductor by some authors and abductor by others, based on whether the reference point is the sagittal plane of the body or the axis of the second ray of the foot, respectively. This is an issue in anatomical terminology, since clinical terminology always makes reference to the sagittal plane of the body: hallux valgus, metatarsus varus, hallux varus, etc. By analogy, the definition of a foot axis serves as a reference for the hand; it is more consistent to make reference to the sagittal axis of the body when defining the said muscle as an adductor.