Médecine et chirurgie du pied


A talar body fracture combined with bimalleolar ankle fracture Volume 24, issue 3, Septembre 2008


Ankle fractures combined with a talar body fracture imply either the medial or the lateral malleolus. The only report of a talar fracture combined with a bimalleolar ankle fracture found in the literature is referred to a talar neck fracture. We report a case of a simultaneous talar body fracture and bimalleolar ankle fracture in a young patient. This combined injury pattern appears to be very rare; one similar case was reported in the literature. An open reduction and internal fixation of the talar body fracture as well as the bimalleolar fracture, followed by a prolonged non-weight bearing, led to a fracture healing with no evidence of osteonecrosis. At the last follow-up, the functional result was satisfactory.