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Epidemiology of heart failure in Europe: the 21st century epidemic? Volume 2, issue 1, Janvier-Février


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The epidemiology of heart failure in France is not well known, although its economic impact on the health system is considerable and the constraint is increasing. While the age-adjusted incidence is decreasing, the crude prevalence is increasing since Western country populations are aging and the prognosis of diseases leading to heart failure has improved over time. The mortality rate is decreasing but it remains very high. In France, the number of heart failure patients is over 500,000, and there are 120,000 new cases every year. The incidence is 4 ‰ in men and 3 ‰ in women 55-64 years old, it is 50 ‰ in men and 85 ‰ in women 85-94 years old. Mean age at onset of heart failure is 73.5 years ; two thirds of the patients are older than 70. There are 3.5 million outpatient visits and 150,000 hospitalizations for heart failure per year. Mean length of stay is 11 days. There are more than 32,000 deaths due to heart failure every year. Expenses related to heart failure represent more than 1 % of the total health expenses. Heart failure is a major and growing health problem. This reinforces the importance of treatment optimization and of preventive measures.