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Interest of tissue Doppler imaging in the evaluation of right ventricular function Volume 2, issue 1, Janvier-Février


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Service de cardiologie, CHU Nancy-Brabois, 54511 Nancy

Right heart has long been neglected by cardiologists. However, the development of tissue Doppler imaging allows accurate functional and hemodynamical assessment of the right ventricle. Right ventricular ejection fraction may be approached from tricuspid annular systolic shortening velocities. Maximal velocity < 12 cm/s is a good predictor of reduced RVEF. The time-velocity integral of this wave evaluates the amplitude of displacement of the annulus, which is well correlated to RVEF. Presystolic maximal velocity and acceleration are both new parameters which seem to be load-independent. Interestingly, some studies transposed myocardial performance index formula to DTI recordings. Finally, preliminary studies on RV strain and strain rate showed promising results in various diseases. Furthermore, DTI allows an approach using hemodynamical parameters such as right atrial pressure and pulmonary arterial pressure.