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Journal de Pharmacie Clinique

Journal de Pharmacie Clinique

Volume 41, issue 1, Mars 2022


Volume 41, issue 1, Mars 2022

Hommage ' In Memoriam

Article A tribute to Yvonnick Bézie (p.3)
Sophie Renet, Louis Bertin, André Rieutord

Éditorial ' Editorial

En accès libre Accreditation in healthcare facility: to get ready with the EAHP self-assessment tool (p.5-6)
Lise Durand, Joachim Lelièvre, Dominique Breilh, Yvonnick Bezie, Benoit Hue
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Synthèse ' Review

En accès libre Supply chain of chimeric receptor T cells (CAR-T cells): what are the roles of the hospital pharmacist? (p.7-12)
Marine Pinturaud, Michèle Vasseur, Justin Courtin, David Beauvais, Pascal Odou, Nicolas Simon
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Articles originaux ' Original articles

En accès libre Selection and prioritization of pharmaceutical management indicators in hospitals: the case of a university hospital center (p.13-23)
Marie-Anne Pépin, Anne-Sophie Otis, Zoë Tremblay, Suzanne Atkinson, Denis Lebel, Jean-François Bussières
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En accès libre Securing the chemotherapies compounding process: from global risk analysis to the implementation of action plan (p.24-37)
Mathilde Roche, Assia Mitha, Romain Desmaris, Nadia Aguini, André Rieutord, Hail Aboudagga
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Congrès ' Congress

En accès libre Journée SCINPHAR (p.38-49)
Jeanne Allard, Laura Bouabdallah, Benjamin Querin, Oumi Diaby
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