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Journal de Pharmacie Clinique

Journal de Pharmacie Clinique

Volume 40, issue 3, Septembre 2021


Volume 40, issue 3, Septembre 2021

Éditorial ' Editorial

En accès libre A small step for pharmacists, a big step for patients (p.115-6)
Jean-François Huon, Guillaume Racle
Open Access

Articles originaux ' Original articles

Article Leading transformation of clinical pharmacist technician roles: lessons learned in a cancer center (p.117-31)
Édouard Cosme, Anastasia Vrana, Assia Mitha, Nathalie Pacitto, Florence Netzer, Amélie Gaudin, André Rieutord

Article Interest and impact of the choice of setting up a purchasing strategy in the conduct of the procedure relating to cardiology medical devices within the Lille Métropole Flandre Intérieure hospital group (GHT LMFI) (p.132-40)
Agathe Vandorpe, Isabelle Walbecq, Marie-Hélène Dubus, Frédéric Possoni, Patrick Mazaud, France Ducastel

Article Appropriateness of anti-infective prescriptions before and after the implementation of clinical pharmacy services in an oncology hospital (p.141-50)
Casimir Adade Adade, Asmae El Assil, Badreddine Moukafih, Abdelilah Ghannam, Mohammed Jaouad Belahcen, Younes Rahali

Article Manage a project: theory and proposed methodology applicable in hospital pharmacy (Part 1) (p.151-8)
Édouard Cosme, Hélène Eychenié, Axèle Reberga

Article Feedback of collaborative management to improve the dispensing process of experimental drugs in a cancer center (p.159-68)
Thibaut Chouquet, Lionel Barty, Steve Suzzoni, Assia Mitha, André Rieutord