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Journal de Pharmacie Clinique

Journal de Pharmacie Clinique

Volume 26, issue 3, Septembre 2007


Volume 26, issue 3, Septembre 2007

Article original

En accès libre Recombinant human erythropoietins in oncology-haematology: from the prescription survey to the evolution of practice (p.137-42)
A Daguenel-Nguyen, A Najman, CT Ho, S Roulot, JL Prugnaud

En accès libre Improvement of antibiotics infusion practices: proposition and evaluation of a good practices’ guide (p.143-50)
A Camut, V Noirez, B Gustin, A Khalife

En accès libre An interactive tool to monitor the appropriate use of innovative or expensive drugs in oncology: experience of the periodic drug survey developed by the FNCLCC (p.151-7)
JF Latour, S Gameroff, J Geneve, F Fagnani

En accès libre Clinical pharmacy and professional practices assessment: example of the medical and pharmaceutical staffs of Lyons prisons (p.158-65)
D Cabelguenne, A Sourty, F Meunier, P Beaupere, A Bert, MA Pittel-Buttez

En accès libre Good use of danaparoide treatment: a physician, pharmacist and biologist collaboration example (p.166-73)
C Hadjadj, F Papon, M Bonnin, P Nurden, C Mouton, V Praloran, G Janvier, MC Saux

En accès libre Indicator of the pertinence of omeprazole and voriconazole prescriptions: a tool of physician practice valuation with educational aim (p.174-81)
F Moal, M-C Moll, M-A Clerc

En accès libre Setup process of continuous spinal anaesthesia in Lens Hospital (p.182-90)
O Canon, O Schoofs, F Bourgarel, P Guillain, M Canonne

En accès libre Aerosolized cidofovir in recurrent respiratory papillomatosis (p.191-6)
V Brunie, M Paysant, S Roy, C Monchaud, N Teissier, L Massias, T Van Den Abbeele, F Brion