Journal de Pharmacie Clinique


Assessment of noise in the washing area: measurement of noise levels and perceptions of sterilization teams Volume 43, issue 1, Mars 2024


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1 Unité de stérilisation, Centre hospitalier de Valence, 179, bd Maréchal Juin, 26000 Valence, France
2 Service de chirurgie ORL et maxillo-faciale, Centre hospitalier de Valence, France
3 Service des ressources humaines, Centre hospitalier de Valence, France
* Correspondance : C. Combe

Noise is one of the occupational hazards inherent in many environments. As sterilization units are, by their very nature, enclosed and noisy places, it is necessary to assess and control noise levels in compliance with regulations and recommendations. A study was carried out in the sterilization unit’s washing area to compare the noise measured and the noise felt by the team. Noise was measured using a sound level meter, and a questionnaire was created to assess the agents’ perception of noise levels. It was observed that there was a real match between the measurements and the agents’ perceptions. The team’s awareness-raising work also enabled preventive and protective measures to be put in place.