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Journal de Pharmacie Clinique


Bone and mineral metabolism disorders in renal insufficiency patients: diagnosis and treatment Volume 30, issue 4, Décembre 2011


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Service de néphrologie, GHU Pitié-Salpêtrière, Paris
  • Key words: mineral metabolism disorders, bone metabolism disorder, chronic kidney disease
  • DOI : 10.1684/jpc.2011.0196
  • Page(s) : 235-42
  • Published in: 2011

Disturbances in mineral and bone metabolism are prevalent in chronic kidney disease (CKD) and an important cause of morbidity, decreased quality of life, and extra skeletal calcifications that have been associated with increased cardiovascular mortality. The recent recommendations of the kidney disease improving global outcomes (KDIGO) were to reserve the term of renal osteodystrophie to define the alterations in bone morphology on the basis of bone biopsy, and the term of CKD-mineral and bone disorder (CKD-MBD) to describe the clinical syndrome, the biological abnormalities, and the bone perturbations. CKD-MBD is manifested by an abnormality of any one or a combination of the following: laboratory with perturbations of calcium, phosphorus, parathormone and vitamin D; bone with changes in bone turnover, mineralization, volume, linear growth or strength; calcifications on vascular wall or soft tissues. Therapeutic applications and recommendations are described in details.