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Journal de Pharmacie Clinique


Oral switch of cyclosporin A in renal transplantation Volume 17, issue 3, Septembre 1998


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  • Key words: cyclosporin A, switch, kidney, arterial hypertension.
  • Page(s) : 157-9
  • Published in: 1998

Cyclosporine A is one of the mostly used immunosuppressive agent since nearly fifteen years. Sandimmun® is replaced by Neoral®, the new formulation of cyclosporine A, developed by Novartis laboratories. In order to estimate the appearance of new adverse effects with Neoral®, we have performed a retrospective and comparative study in renal transplantation. Our study concerns 59 stable renal allograft recipients treated by Sandimmun® and switched to Neoral®. For the majority of patients, the switch from Sandimmun® to Neoral® did not induce new adverse effects. Furthermore, doses of Neoral® are 2,5 % lower than those of Sandimmun® (from 269 mg per day to 262,5 mg per day). However, six patients developed an hypertension, and an hyperuricemia since they are treated by Neoral®. For the patients switched from Sandimmun® to Neoral®, the measurement of residual concentration of cyclosporine A could be completed by the measurement of maximal concentration of cyclosporine A if there is an appearance of arterial hypertension or renal toxicity.