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Journal de Pharmacie Clinique


Nutrition advises in renal insufficiency patients Volume 30, issue 4, Décembre 2011

Service de néphrologie, Hôpital de la Pitié Salpêtrière, Paris
  • Key words: renal insufficiency, alimentation, nutrition, dietitian
  • DOI : 10.1684/jpc.2011.0198
  • Page(s) : 253-6
  • Published in: 2011

The nutrition of patients with renal impairment should be adapted to the stages of renal fonction, to the biology and more generally to the patient profile and always with variable and balanced aliments. Consultation with a dietitian is essential to customize the nutritional management. At the beginning of the deterioration of renal function, diet can be involved in the protection of kidney, including actions on hypertension, proteinuria, diabetes, cholesterol, obesity, and hyperuricemia. It also helps to overcome the deficit in renal function when complications arise as troubles in serum potassium, phosphate, calcium, blood urea and for the formation of edema. Thus, a dietitian support for these patients at the diagnosis of renal insufficiency and throughout the evolution of the disease must be able to contribute to its good overall management to slow down the deterioration of renal function and manage the complications that may arise.