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Innovations & Thérapeutiques en Oncologie

Innovations & Thérapeutiques en Oncologie

Volume 6, issue 3-4, May-August 2020


Volume 6, issue 3-4, May-August 2020


En accès libre Fake news about public hospitals: just some of the many untruths circulating (p.93-5)
Dominique Maigne
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Humeur/Opinion column

Article “I’m a great scientist... and everyone else is a dweeb” (p.97-8)
Jacques Robert

Sélection et décryptage/Comments and Analysis

Article Comments and analysis (p.99-110)
Jacques Robert

Dossier Congrès IFODS/IFODS Congress

Article IFODS abstracts (p.111-24)

Article CAR-T cells therapy in solid oncology (p.125-32)
Adrien Rousseau, Paul Gougis

Article Bone metastasis and lung cancer (p.133-7)
Laetitia Morardet, Sébastien Thureau, Marie-Hélène Vieillard

Dossier Covid-19 et cancer/Covid-19 and cancer

En accès libre Covid-19 and cancer (p.139)
Fabrice Barlesi
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Article Communication during the Covid-19 crisis (p.140-2)
Perrine de Longevialle, Antoine Crouan

Article Covid-19 and cancer: The experience at Gustave Roussy (p.143-6)
Emeline Colomba, Stéphanie Foulon, Charles Naltet, Arnaud Bayle, Fabrice Barlesi, Laurence Albiges

Article The army in the shadows: the opinion of non-medical staff on the crisis (p.147-9)
Elsa Olivieri

Article The overlap between oncopaediatrics and Covid-19 (p.150-4)
Arthur Felix, Eric Thebault, Christelle Dufour, Stéphanie Bolle, Philippe Sitbon, Salma Moalla, Emilie Saucier, Charlotte Rigaud, Samuel Abbou, Laetitia Zeriouh, Miguel Maiz, Jacques Grill, Pablo Berlanga, Pascale Usubelli, Léa Guerrini-Rousseau, Nathalie Gaspar, Brice Fresneau, Dominique Valteau-Couanet, Véronique Minard-Colin

Article Outcome of cancer patients infected with Covid-19 at the Ion Chiricuţă Institute of Oncology in Cluj, Romania (p.155-60)
Alexandra-Cristina Boţ, Nicolae Todor, Ovidiu Bălăcescu, Patriciu-Achimaş Cadariu, Cătălin Vlad, Mihaela Lupşe, Violeta Tincuţa Briciu, Tudor-Eliade Ciuleanu

Article Brazil adopts a different strategy. Consequences for patients living with cancer (p.161-3)
Christian Domenge, Riad Naim Younes, Pedro Alexandre Ismael Amaral Silva, Waldec Jorge David Filho, Felipe Melo Cruz, Carla Ismael

Article Covid-19 and cancer in Buenos Aires (p.164-6)
Daniel Gandia, Juan Manuel Carrera