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L'Information Psychiatrique


Matricide and chronic hallucinatory psychosis “case report” Volume 88, issue 1, Janvier 2012

CHU Hassan-II, hôpital Ibn Alhassan, service de psychiatrie, Ain-Kadouss, BP 4094, 30000 Fès, Maroc

Matricides are rarely reported in the literature; they are mainly committed by mental patients. The pathological matricides are a set of heavy psychiatric pathologies including the schizophrenia. These crimes have severe socio-family impact; they contribute largely to the collapse of the family and to the stigmatization of the mental patients. We report a case of matricide committed by a 46-year-old man, married and a father of two children. The patient has had a well-established socio-familial and professional life. At the age of 45, the patient presented a progressive installation of psychotic symptomatology; this consisted of auditory hallucinations of persecuting nature with affronts and insults. This episode lasted six months and evolved well under classical antipsychotic treatment. On one year later, the patient demonstrated the same episode but severer, and associating a more obvious mental automatism, which directed him to kill his mother, since he considered that she is a Satan. The examination of the patient immediately after this crime found a very rich hallucinatory syndrome with a mental automatism associating lived persecution and fear. A good improvement was noticed after three months using haloperidol and olanzapine. The diagnosis of chronic hallucinatory psychosis was established, considering the delayed start, the existence of rich hallucinatory persecuting elements with an absence of any dissociation; however, this affection is rarely reported within the framework of the matricides. This murder questions obviously about the dangerousness of the mental patients. The acme is sometimes translated by acting such interfamily homicide; this raises the issue of prognosis and prevention of the violence of psychotics.