L'Information Psychiatrique


Perinatal psychiatry and medical ethics Volume 87, issue 7, Septembre 2011

Praticien hospitalier, responsable PPUMMa (psychiatrie périnatale d’urgence mobile en maternité) et RePPEr, Université Paris-Diderot, EPS Erasme, unité de recherche en psychiatrie et psychopathologie à Erasme, 14, rue de l’Abbaye, 92160 Antony, France

Perinatal psychiatry links two medical specialties: psychiatry and perinatal medicine. Within the confines of the psychopathology of the baby and that of motherhood, it has the particularity of dealing less with the patient for a given pathology than a specific period of life, from conception to the postnatal stage. We will then turn the conflicts inherent in this period of life: on one hand, issues of psychiatry that need to be revisited because of the specificity of the perinatal period and, on the other hand, the new questions raised by the intervention of psychologists and psychiatrists in the field of medically assisted procreation. From the point of ethics in perinatal psychiatry, it would be to look for ways to meet the protagonists involved in their multiple, sometimes contradictory, attempts. This implies finding an adapted tempo suited to the individuality of each woman and their couple as well as their (future) child.