L'Information Psychiatrique


The body found. Crossing the body taboo barrier in psychiatry. Introductory report, Société de l’Information Psychiatrique Days, Lille 2008 Volume 85, issue 1, Janvier 2009

Service de pédopsychiatrie, CHRU, 59037 Lille Cedex

A brief reminder of the history of psychiatry helps to understand how the body has managed to become a taboo subject and to consider the importance of its position, and especially that of the body image in patient management. Rather than dismissing the body as an intrusive difficulty in the intersubjective relationship, it is now time to lean on its presence so as to facilitate the determining healthcare and psychopathological thinking. A return to child development offers an understanding of the interrelationship between body and psyche as a specificity of the “parlêtre”, or the speaking being. Any dismissal here would lead psychologists to move away from the essentials of psychiatry. However, the reverse would prompt a rethinking of all research, psychopathology and psychiatric devices within the general framework of the complexity.