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The “burn-out” or chronic fatigue syndrome of physicians and other hospital practitioners Volume 94, issue 1, Janvier 2018

1 Centre Émergence Espace Tolbiac,
75013 Paris, France
Institut mutualiste Montsouris,
Département universitaire
de psychiatrie de l’adolescent,
42 boulevard Jourdan, 75014 Paris,
2 Anesthésiste réanimateur,
membre du bureau de l’APPA
depuis 2003,
La Rochelle, France
3 Psychiatre des hôpitaux honoraire,
vice- président de l’APPA,
ancien chef de service au CH D’Orsay,
91401 Orsay, Essonne, France
4 Pharmacie hospitalière,
APHP Hôpital G. Clemenceau,
91750 Champcueil, France
* Correspondance
  • Key words: burnout, physicians, hospital practitioner, suicidal risk, addiction, prevention, epidemiology
  • DOI : 10.1684/ipe.2018.1735
  • Page(s) : 13-8
  • Published in: 2018

“Burnout”, or chronic fatigue syndrome in the workplace, is very controversial. To a large extent it affects health professionals and in particularly physicians. It is underestimated, as a source of depression, suicide, addictive behavior and professional dissatisfaction. The burn-out rate of French physicians is estimated to be between 38% and 52% and almost a quarter of doctors (23%) would not seek help if they were undergoing psychological distress, and more than half (54%) would not know whom they should to turn. In fact, France has a certain delay in the care management of this scourge even if some professional caregivers propose that it be recognized as an occupational disease. This article aims to define the clinical situation and create a non-exhaustive list of means of prevention and monitoring.