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Hépato-Gastro & Oncologie Digestive

Hépato-Gastro & Oncologie Digestive

Volume 25, issue 9, Novembre 2018

Dossier thématique : Les maladies inflammatoires des voies biliaires


Volume 25, issue 9, Novembre 2018


En accès libre Anal sex and Inflammatory Bowel Disease: What every Gastroenterologist should know (p.859-68)
Romain Leenhardt, Patrick Papazian, Vincent de Parades, Philippe Marteau
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Article Viral hepatitis in jail: Where are we in 2018? (p.869-76)
André-Jean Remy

Article Clinical management of advanced gastrointestinal stromal tumors (p.877-86)
Antoine Italiano

Article Hereditary gastric cancer (p.887-94)
Chrystelle Colas, Antoine de Pauw, Marine Le Mentec, Anaïs Dupré, Pascale Mariani, Bruno Buecher

Article Epidemiology and natural history of pediatric-onset patients with inflammatory bowel disease (p.895-902)
Corinne Gower-Rousseau, Mathurin Fumery, Guillaume Savoye, Hélène Sarter, Benjamin Pariente, Dominique Turck

Article Transanal irrigations in the treatment of colorectal disorders, what place in 2018? (p.903-7)
Véronique Vitton, Charlotte Andrianjafy

Dossier thématique : Les maladies inflammatoires des voies biliaires

Article Pré-test QCM (p.910-1)

Mise au point

Article Primary sclerosing cholangitis (p.912-21)
Sara Lemoinne, Marine Camus, Edouard Chambenois, Dominique Wendum

Cas clinique

Article What is the optimal management of the severe form of autoimmune hepatitis? (p.922-6)
Eleonora De Martin, Audrey Coilly, Jean-Charles Duclos-Vallée

Revue bibliographique

Article Primary Biliary Cholangitis. Other news than a new name? (p.927-30)
Caroline Lemaitre, Odile Goria

Entretien avec I'expert

Article IgG4 cholangitis and overlap syndrome (p.931-4)
Olivier Chazouillères

Article Post-test QCM (p.935-7)

Concepts et pratique

Article Bezafibrate efficacy in patients with primary biliary cholangitis and inadequate response to ursodesoxycholic acid (p.938-42)
Alexandre Pariente

Article Beware eosinophilic esophagitis ! (p.943-5)
Xavier Treton

Article Another “goal” for anti-tyrosine kinases in advanced hepatocarcinoma? (p.946-54)
Chloé Matray, Julie Sigrand


Article “My Health 2022”: some fake news about hospital? (p.955-7)
Hakim Bécheur

Injections de rappel

Article à retenir Du no 8 octobre 2018 (p.958-61)