Hépato-Gastro & Oncologie Digestive


Crohn’s disease: imaging and news Volume 16, issue 6, novembre-décembre 2009


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Département d’imagerie digestive, hospices civils de Lyon, CHU Édouard-Herriot, 69437 Lyon cedex, France

The diagnosis of Crohn’s disease is based on clinical, endoscopic, radiologic, and histologic criteria. The main innovations in diagnostic technologies include the development of more sophisticated endoscopic and non-invasive imaging techniques with the aim of improving the identification of complications and response to different treatments. New technologies such as CT enteroclysis, MR Imaging or high-frequency probes, highly sensitive color or power Doppler units, and the development of new non-linear technologies that optimize detection of contrast agents on ultrasound provide complementary informations in the management of Crohn’s disease.