Hépato-Gastro & Oncologie Digestive


Anal Incontinence Volume 17, issue 4, juillet-août 2010


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Institut mutualiste Montsouris, Cabinet médical, 10, rue Jean Richepin, 75116 Paris

Anal incontinence is a failure of voluntary control of the anal sphincters, with involuntary passage of liquid or solid feces and flatus. Faecal incontinence concerned only liquid or solid stools with the exception of the isolated losses of gas or whites. The high prevalence and the decrease of the quality of life, justify an active care even a screening. Every practitioner can begin a first-line treatment adapted in minor or little invalidating forms. The explorations are especially justified if a surgery is advocated. The endosonography an defecography stay the first intention examinations. The regularization of the bowel habits is necessary and sometimes sufficient. Except the specific causes, the severe anal incontinence can recover from a surgery in expert center, dominated by the sphincter repair, the cure of the pelvic floor disorders and the neuromodulation of the sacral nerve stimulation.