Hépato-Gastro & Oncologie Digestive


How to perform oncology in private practice? Volume 17, issue 3, mai-juin 2010


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Montauban, Président de la Commission cancérologie du CREGG, Clinique du Pont de Chaume, 82017 Montauban Cedex., Lille, Président du réseau ONCOMEL

Gastroenterologists (HGE) are very implied in digestive oncology and its place markedly increased in daily practice since 2000. Private HGE, just like their colleagues in public institutions, have vocation to coordinate and organize the multidisciplinary management of digestive cancers, with respect to medical training, validated competence and compliance to medical and administrative rules as well for the structures of care (accreditation, INCa criteria), as for the practitioners. The Validation of Acquired Experience (VAE) will allow the HGE having a clinical experience and/or post-graduate (DIU of cancerology), to obtain a recognized diploma and to qualify for chemotherapy. In practice, there is no limitation in the prescription of chemotherapy with respect to drug medical use authorization and medical guidelines. Digestive oncology must be a multidisciplinary practice, using well-equipped hospitalization units.