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Hépato-Gastro & Oncologie Digestive


Metastatic colorectal cancer: Place of targeted therapies in maintenance treatment Volume 28, issue 2, Février 2021

1 Hôpital Européen Georges Pompidou, Service d’oncologie digestive, 20 rue Leblanc, 75015 Paris
2 Hôpital Privé Jean-Mermoz, Services d’oncologie digestive, 55 avenue Jean Mermoz, 69008 Lyon
* Correspondance

As the survival of patients with metastatic colorectal cancer has increased due to advances in medical, surgical and interventional treatments, strategies have had to be developed to limit the accumulation of chemo-induced toxicities and preserve the quality of life of patients. Maintenance with LV5-FU, without alteration of survival, has been validated by several phase III trials in patients controlled by induction chemotherapy. However, the role of targeted therapies is less clear. Maintenance of bevacizumab in combination with 5-FU appears to be the reference maintenance therapy. For anti-EGFRs, there are only randomized phase II trials, some of which show favorable signals, particularly in combination with 5-FU, but which need to be confirmed by more robust data. Other prospects are emerging with the arrival of other targeted therapies such as Encorafenib, anti-HER2 etc. that should be explored.