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Blood transfusion : current debates Volume 14, issue 1, janvier-février 2008

Institut National de la Transfusion Sanguine, 6 rue Alexandre-Cabanel, 75015 Paris, Etablissement Français du Sang Aquitaine, ETS Aquitaine-Limousin, P A Raba Léon, 33076 Bordeaux ; Université Bordeaux Victor Segalen, Etablissement Français du Sang Auvergne-Loire, 25 boulevard Pasteur, 42023 Saint-Etienne Cedex 2 ; Université Jean-Monnet, Saint-Etienne, Institut National de la Transfusion Sanguine, 6 rue Alexandre-Cabanel, 75015 Paris ; Centre hospitalo-universitaire et Université Jules-Verne, Amiens

The present debate in transfusion deals with the following issues: triggers of the transfusion of packed red cell concentrates; cellular product storage in the indications of phenotyped packed-red cells; consequences of the implementation of hemoglobin testing before and after blood donations; ex vivo generation of human red blood cells; management of transfused patients having a platelet refractoriness; pooled platelet concentrates and apheresis platelet concentrates in transfusion strategies; triggers in prophylactic transfusion of platelets; prophylactic transfusion of high doses of platelets in patients after intensive chemotherapy; pathogen inactivation procedures during the preparation of cellular products ; deferral from blood donation of individuals transfused with cellular products and of men having had sex with men ; indications of various therapeutic plasma preparations; detection of anti-HLA antibodies in transfusion practice; measures to prevent the transfusion-related acute lung injury (TRALI); and transfusion education in France.